In October 2021, I went bold and at the same time crazy. I was working remotely for Mexico City and being a freelancer for some projects in Berlin. At the same time, I started postgraduate studies in Barcelona. I experienced very stressful months because studying and working were never easy things to mix, and also traveled back and forth from Germany to Spain, then from Mexico City to Berlin, and finally from Spain to Berlin until July 2022. Those were hardcore months in my professional and personal life.  Anyways... effort brings results:
Last June 2022 after all that work and when I lost faith in a bunch of plans, unbelievably I finished my Motion Design Postgrad very successfully, here are some examples of what I can do now. Ideas, research, storytelling, storyboards, scripts, audios, design, and motion design were created by me. 
I was also very honored this year to be the cover designer for an amazing book in Germany: "Geographie der Gewalt- Macht und Gegenmacht in Lateinamerika" (Geography of Violence: Power and counter-power in Latin America). Authors: Timo Dorsch, Jana Flörchinger and Böries Nehe (Hg.) by Mandelbaum Verlag. 
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